Our Service


⇒ Providing all types of cars to serve students and employees starting from small cars, through medium buses to large buses.

⇒ Providing a tracking service via maps to facilitate the follow-up process during the trip.

⇒ Apply all precautionary measures and take care of sterilization periodically.

⇒ Affordable prices and commensurate with the quality standards offered.

⇒ Quick alternative solutions in an emergency.


⇒ Professional and trained supervision team to improve dealing with the child and the guardian to save effort and time.

⇒ Special supervision for cases that need to modify behavior or specialists, nursing, and preventive health.

⇒ Various reports on the condition of children.

Bus 14

Our Services

Electronic Services

⇒ The program relies on achieving more comfort for students, by organizing their routes to shorten the time of trips.
⇒ Tracking service via maps to follow-up process during the trip.

Payment Solutions

⇒ Various payment methods to collect cash at the company’s headquarters, electronic wallets, transfer, bank deposit, or collection by a representative.
⇒ The ability to installment the costs and collect it monthly.

Additional Services

⇒ Provide all precautionary measures including periodic disinfection, sterilization, and all safety ways.
⇒ 24/7 customer service.